Bognor Regis Observer – Friday, 07 May 1954

PAVILION, SELSEY. Wendell Corey. who portrays a commander of a B-29 captain operating an ivory Superfortess in "THUNDER ACROSS THE PACIFIC." shares acting honours with Forrest Tucker, Vera Ralston and Phil Harris. The story traces the hlstory of World War ll's greatest aircraft, from its inception to the devastating long-range bombing raids on Japan. "STREET BANDITS" is an American crime film with Penny Edwards and Robert Clarke. In the 2,000,000-dollar Technicolor adventure. "THE WORLD IN HIS ARMS." Gregory Peck portrays a rugged, dauntless sea captain who poaches seals from Alaskan waters in defiance of Czarist Russian gunboats. Ann Blyth plays a Russian countess who indulges in an ardent but perilous romance with him. A feature of the picture is a thrilling sailing ship race that was filmed without recourse to trick photography. Crews had to be specially trained to man the schooners and filming of the race occupied several weeks.

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