Film Preview – Bognor Regis Observer – Friday, 21 August 1959

PAVILION. SELSEY. "THE Kin " of Hollywood. Who is he? Still Clark Gable, and he justifies his title in "TEACHER'S PET" when he is teamed with versatile actress and singer Doris Day. A gay sophisticated comedy, about a tough city editor, and a pretty teacher of a journalism class, it follows a hilarious path, with the help of curvacious Mamie Van Doren and Gig Young. Another Hitchcock suspense thriller, no less brilliant than his many previous successes, is "VERTIGO," the story of an ex-police detective who is asked by a friend to shadow his wife, suspected of being a suicidal neurotic, and falls in love with her. There is a surprising performance from Kim Novak, who has a dual role to play. James Stewart appears in his fourth Hitchcock suspense film. "ROCK-A-BYE BABY" is the third production in which Jerry Lewis has been both producer and star. He is a bachelor, forced to adopt the triplets of a glamorous film star who was once his childhood sweetheart.

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