Film Preview – Bognor Regis Observer – Saturday, 20 September 1952

PAVILION, SELSEY. TERENCE RAITIGAN'S "THE BROWNING VERSION" comes to the Pavilion. Selsey, for the first part of next week, with "UNDER THE GUN," starring Richard Conte and Audrey Totter. The story of " The Browning Version " is pre-eminently concerned with an exploration into the minds and hearts of two characters, Andrew Crocker-Harris (Michael Redgrave) and his wife, Millie (Jean Kent) and with a detailed study of the conflict inherent in the hidden facts of their married life. Centred around a public school it is an absorbing film giving Michael Redgrave, Jean Kent and Nigel Patrick full scope for their great abilities. For the second half of the week the attraction is "LIGHTS OUT," with Howard Duff and Peggy Dow in "THE SHAKEDOWN" as the second feature. A powerful romantic drama starring Arthur Kennedy and Peggy Dow, "Lights Out" was the first film script ever to be set up in Braille. This was for the benefit of a number of blinded ex-Servicemen who appear as themselves in the picture, which is concerned with the readjustment to a life without sight of a young sergeant blinded in World War II.

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