Film Listings and Theatre – Bognor Regis Observer – Friday, 23 March 1956

PAVILION, SELSEY. "DRAGNET." and "THE BOUNTY HUNTER," are reviewed under Regal, Petworth. Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz co-star in the hilarious Ansco Color comedy. "THE LONG. LONG TRAILER." Miss Ball portrays a wide-eyed, impetuous and blundering young bride, and Arnaz is the patient, if harassed, groom who adores his inexperienced wife enough to forgive her everything—or almost everything. As though the tribulations of the early weeks of marriage were not sufficient. Tacy and Nick, the honeymooners of "The Long, Long Trailer," begin their life of wedded bliss in a home on wheels. It takes Nick some time to master the uncertainties of driving the mobile "monster," and it takes some hysterically funny happenings to convince Tacy that housekeeping in a trailer requires a technique all its own. But the romance manages to survive the rockiest of roads and ends up in a trail of laughs. Some of the trials and tribulations of National Service recruits are comically sketched in "RELUCTANT HEROES," with Ronald Shiner, Derek Farr and Christine Norden. The story concerns the life of two friends who join up together and get into all manner of scrapes—under the wrathful eye of regular N.C.O., Sergeant Bell. The man whom the Americans call "The clown prince of slapstick comedy," stars in "THE TIME OF HIS LIFE." The man, of course, is Mr. Richard Hearne, who, as an ex-convict, turns a most respectable English household into one of wild disorder and uproar. On Good Friday, for one day only. members of the Selsey churches present on the stage, " THE WAY OF THE CROSS."

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