"Imps" Concert – Hampshire Telegraph – Friday, 19 April 1929

"IMPS" CONCERT PARTY.—What was admitted on all sides to have been one of the best concerts produced in Selsey for some years was staged at the Pavilion on Friday night, by the Selsey Imps Concert Party. It was the first public appearance of the party, who had the satisfaction of making their debut before a crowded audience, not a seat being procurable for fully a quarter-of-an-hour before the curtain rose. The excellent programme was under the directorship of Mr. D. Woodford (who was also at the piano), with Mr. F. W. Phipps as stage manager, and the performers acquitted themselves so well, both in individual and concerted numbers, that encores became the order too early in the evening and had to be disallowed during the second part of the programme. Two original and topical items which aroused great amusement and enthusiasm were "A trip to Selsey" (by five of the Imps) and a political marching item by the company, to the tune of "Sussex by the Sea." with "Good old Courtauld, our M.P.," as the refrain. It was 11 p.m. before the conclusion of the programme was marked by the presentation of boxes of chocolates to the lady members of the party—a pleasing function which was undertaken by Capt. W. C. Mathew, the founder of the Junior Imperial League in Selsey.

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