W.I. Meeting and Crablands AGM – Hampshire Telegraph – Friday, 15 March 1929

SELSEY. WOMEN'S INSTITUTE MEETING.— The Selsey Women's Institute held its monthly meeting yesterday week, when a talk on W.I. flour was given by Mrs. Hope, of Sidlesham. She spoke of the mental and moral deficiencies which are caused by the lack of physical stamina, and so are indirectly due to improper feeding. The W.I. flour, she explained, is made half from British-grown wheat and half from Empire-grown. Its use, therefore, will help British agriculture, an important consideration in these days. Five papers were then read by members, each lasting about five minutes. The subjects all proved of interest and the audience showed great appreciation. Tea followed, and then singing. The W.I. choir gave great pleasure by their rendering of three part songs—"The Witch's Ride," "The Volga Boat Song." and "The Viking." Their able leader was Mrs. M. Shackle. Finally all the members joined in singing "Selsey by the Sea," and a W.I. parody on "Some Folks Do." A competition for the best pot of marmalade was won by Miss Drinkwater. SUNDAY TOURNAMENTS AT CRABLANDS.—Thre was a long and heated discussion at the annual meeting of the Crablands Bowling and Tennis Club, at the Pavilion, on Monday evening, when Mr. L. H. Turtle was in the chair, on the question of Sunday tournaments. For some seasons past the tennis courts and bowling greens have been open on Sunday for the members. Last season. however, some of the members arranged for tournaments to take place, and matches were arranged with other clubs. Many of the residents objected to this latter arrangement saying that it was making a gala day of Sunday. It was agreed, after a heated argument—the meeting lasted till 11.30 p.m.—that the Sunday tournaments would be continued, but that there should be no competitions with other clubs, or that there should be any prizes. The election of officers followed. Mr. L. H. Turtle was re-elected President. Dr. W. Cunningham Park and Dr. Barford were elected Vice-Presidents, Mr. H. S. Day having resigned as Vice-President through ill-health. Mr. W. F. Hoskins was re-elected Hon. Secretary and Captain of Bowls; Mr. L. A. Kite, Hon. Tennis Secretary: Mr. W. H. Sayers, Hon. Croquet Secretary; Mr. H. L. White, Hon. Treasurer; Mr. Bailey, Hon. Auditor: Mr. J. F. Fisher, Vice-Captain of Bowls. The members elected to the Committee, six of whom represent bowling interests and six tennis interests. were: Mr. T D. Cox, Dr. A. A. Humphrys, Messrs. Edwards, Wingham. Sherrington, Jinman. bowls representatives: Messrs. S. Johnson. J. Sayers, Mason. B. Marshall, Miss Marshal and Miss Owens.

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