Film Preview – Bognor Regis Observer – Saturday, 02 April 1949

PAVILION, SELSEY. Coming on Monday for three days, "THE IRON CURTAIN "—a drama based on the disclosures of the Royal Commission set up to investigate the notorious spying activities indulged in by the Soviet Embassy in Ottawa—is a fine piece of filmcraft. A meritable performance comes from Dana Andrews as the cipher clerk who exposes the organisation, while Gene Tierney plays his wife; and the story is told in the effective semi-documentary style. For the remainder of the week, Technicolor enhances the swiftly-moving tale of two feuding Scottish clans which arouses the active interest of "THE SWORDSMAN." Larry Parks, having fallen in love with Ellen Drew—member of a rival clan—longs to bring the eternal clashes to an end, but finds that the two families are not of the same opinion.

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