Film Listings – Bognor Regis Observer – Friday, 24 June 1955

PAVILION, SELSEY. ALFRED HITCHCOCK lives up to his reputation as the "Master of Suspense" in his latest murder mystery "REAR WINDOW" starring James Stewart, Grace Kell,. Wendell Corve and Thelma Ritter. James Stewart portrays a photographer for a magazine who is confined to a wheel chair with a broken leg for the entire film. With little else to do he whiles away his hours by gazing out of the rear window. In one apartment which he overlooks, he sees a series of suspicious incidents which makes him believe a murder has been committed . . . After a long absence, Arthur Askey turns up again on the cinema screen in an uproarious comedy. "THE LOVE MATCH." The story, tells how Bill Brown (Arthur Askey), an engine driver, and his fireman, Wally Binns (Glenn Melvyn), race their goods train home at high speed in order to see a local football match. Once at the football ground they gain admittance without paying, are arrested for assaulting the referee, Mr. Ford (William Franklyn), and find themselves before the local magistrate, Mr. Muddlecomb (Robb Wilton). Bill is fined £5 and while paying the money, which is borrowed from the railwaymen's holiday fund, is robbed of a further £50. Realizing that he must retrieve the money quickly, Bill resorts to desperate measures.

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