Film Preview – Bognor Regis Observer – Saturday, 23 September 1950

PAVILION, SELSEY. INCLUDED in the cast of MAN ON THE RUN,” showing at the Pavilion, Selsey, for the first part of next week, are Derek Parr, Joan Hopkins, and Edward Chapman with many other familiar names in the supporting cast. Peter Burdon (Derek Farr) deserts the Army and finds himself continually on the run, forced to avoid familiar faces for fear of recognition. After working for two years in a Cornish inn he is forced to move to London when discovered and blackmailed by a corporal in his old regiment. Things become even more complicated when Burdon gets mixed up in a jewel robbery, afterwards being mistaken for one of the gang. He finds that both military and civil police are looking for him but, with the help of a store assistant (Joan Hopkins) he proves his innocence. Johnny Mack Brown starred in the supporting film, " DRIFTING ALONG." Featured for the second part of the week is "THE SNAKE PIT,” with Olivia de Havilland. Mark Stevens and Leo Genn. Considered unsuitable for children under 16, the film tells the story of a writer suffering from a disease of the mind who is sent a mental hospital in hope of a cure. The story of how, step by step, the doctors cure her is sincerely told and the picture helps towards a better understanding of the mentally sick. Olivia Havilland is starred as the writer who, through the help and patience of Dr. Kik (Leo Genn) and her husband (Mark Stevens) finally recovers and is able to leave the hospital.

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