Film Listings – Bognor Regis Observer – Friday, 19 August 1955

PAVILION, SELSEY. "ON THE WATERFRONT," starring Marlon Brando, is a powerful drama about love and terror in the ruthless and cruel dockland of New York. Other principal roles are taken by Karl Malden and Lee J. Cobb, while the beautiful Eva Marie Saint, a blonde Broadway stage and television star, makes her debut in films. Brando plays a young ex-boxer who has become a minor hoodlum in the cold-blooded killer mob headed by Cobb. For his performance in this film, Brando was awarded the Oscar for the best actor of 1954. "THE SEA SHALL NOT HAVE THEM"— based on the celebrated best-selling book by John Harris, tells the dramatic real-life story of the Air-Sea Rescue Service, which saved more than 13,000 ditched airmen during the last war. Stars of this outstanding British film are Michael Redgrave, Dirk Bogarde, Anthony Steel. Nigel Patrick and Bonar Colleano, while featured roles are handled by James Kenney, Jack Watling, Griffith Jones, Guy Middleton, Rachel Kempson and Paul Carpenter. The story begins when a top R.A.F. officer is flying to England with vital Information regarding a successor to the notorious V-2. Hit by a German fighter, his machine crashes into the sea and it is at this point that the famous Air-Sea Rescue Service springs into action.

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