Film Preview – Chichester Observer – Saturday, 01 May 1948

PAVILION, SELSEY .When David Ames is killed in the war, his wife, Janet (Rosalind Russell) feels that her whole world has crashed. David had died saving five other men and Janet resents those who survive, considering them unworthy of her husband's sacrifice. Temporarily crippled by an accident, while still in hospital Janet visits each of the five men in her mind. What she learns, and the consequence, may be seen in “THE GUILT OF JANET AMES,” showing on Monday for three days. Against a background of music and comedy, Charles Starrett stars in another "western picture", "JAIL BREAK," for the second feature. A clash of temperaments against the vivid panorama of horse racing is the theme of “THE HOME STRETCH," the main feature on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. A string of thoroughbreds are starred as well as Cornel Wilde, in the role of a gambling playboy, and Maureen O’Hara, as the girl who wins him back.

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