Film Listings – Bognor Regis Observer – Friday, 11 May 1956

PAVILION, SELSEY STARRING Richard Attenborough and George Baker, "THE SHIP THAT DIED OF SHAME" is a sea drama packed with suspense. Can a ship die of shame? It certainly seems so in this case. A range war on the Western plains provides the exciting basis of the Technicolor action film, "THE REDHEAD FROM WYOMING". The thrills and spills start from the earliest moments when Maureen O'Hara, the girl of the title, brings her troupe of dancing girls to a Wyoming frontier town. They arrive at the start of a war due to rustling activities, and are soon in the thick of the battle. A great cast of players has been assembled for the exciting new drama, "THE BLUE PETER' which stars Kieran Moore, Greta Gynt, Sarah Lawson and Mervyn Johns. It tells the story of a returned Korea war hero, Mike Merriworth, who had difficulty in adjusting himself to a new life after three years in Communist hands. Hans and Lotte Hass star in " UNDER THE CARIBBEAN," probably the most exciting documentary ever filmed. It is the story of the three-masted schooner, Xaarifa, which explores the wonder of the South Seas below the surface. The crew's explorations are hampered by the many perils and monsters of the deep. Hammerhead sharks, sperm whales and tiger sharks are encountered during the explorations of the deep. The climax to the film is an exciting drama on the sea-bed when Lotte is trapped in a cave by killer sharks, and is prevented from reaching the surface. In the comedy, "DOCTOR AT SEA ," Dirk Bogarde plays the part of Simon Sparrow. a recently qualified doctor who takes to sea to escape a humdrum existence and marriage to his partner's lumpy daughter. Hilarious adventures start when he signs on as a ship's doctor with a cargo steamer heading for the tropics. Sparrow has a hectic time in a gay South American port, and when the ship sets sail for home there are two passengers. One is young, glamorous Helene Colbert (Brigitte Bardot), a Continental cabaret singer. The other is Muriel Mallet (Brenda de Banzie). a talkative, likeable spinster. The crew are delighted but Captain Hogg (James Robertson Justice) is furious. There is work and romance for the doctor, and fun throughout.

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