Film Preview – Bognor Regis Observer – Saturday, 02 July 1949

PAVILION, SELSEY. Would a nurse, acquitted of murdering her patient, have difficulty in finding re-employment ? And would the nurse's past influence a jury if, when she obtained another engagement, once again her patient was murdered? These are two of the questions posed by the gripping drama, "GIRL IN THE NEWS," starring Margaret Lockwood on Monday for three days. Completing the week's entertainment is the screen adaptation of Hugh Walpole's celebrated novel, "MR PERRIN AND MR TRAILL," concerning the rivalry of two Public Schoolmasters—middle-aged, narrow-minded Mr. Perrin (Marius Goring), and young progressive Mr. Traill (David Farrar). Lovely Greta Gynt plays the part of Isobel Lester, the school nurse.

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