Film Preview – Bognor Regis Observer – Saturday, 18 November 1950

PAVILION, SELSEY. SHOWING for the first part of next week at the Pavilion, Selsey, will be the latest Deanna Durbin film, "FOR THE LOVE OF MARY", in which she takes the title part of a girl pursued by three unwelcome suitors. In the picture, Miss Durbin plays one of the girls on the American President's telephone switchboard, who is worried by three annoying boy-friends, the most unwelcome of these being Paxton (Don Taylor), a young authority on under-sea life. The two other males in her life are Farrington (Edmond O'Brien), naval aide to the President, and Manning (Jeffrey Lynn), an up-and-coming lawyer, but, as Paxton schemes cleverly, their hopes diminish. His crippling blow comes when he proves himself owner of an atoll on which the United States Navy has a base, and forces them to comply with any of his demands, which mostly affect his two rivals. The supporting programme includes "INTO THE STRAIGHT," a drama of the turf. For the last three days of the week, "THE THIRD MAN" is featured - a film which needs no introduction.

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