Political Meeting – Bognor Regis Observer – Wednesday, 20 April 1932

SELSEY RATEPAYERS - A PUBLICITY CAMPAIGN. The first annual meeting of the Selsey Ratepayers' Association was held in the Pavilion, Selsey. on Thursday last. Col. A. Hacking, D. S.O, presided over a large attendance. He was supported on the platform by Dr. A. A. Humphrys, Messrs. F. Keep, F. Barnes, J. Lawrence, P. Lawrence (members of the Executive Committee), and Mr. C. Gordon Jeavons (Hon. Secretary). The Chairman, in presenting the report, said that that was the first statutory meeting of the Association. The Association was formed, rising out of a meeting held at the end of the previous summer, and when there was a possibility of a large sewerage scheme for the area. It was considered that events justified the formation of an Association, to consider any plans that might be put forward. A provisional Committee was set up, and that Committee was elected with one object in view, and that was to deal with subjects which they thought would be of importance in the coming years, and of considerable interest in the years to come. It was thought that co-operation by all classes was imperative and overdue. Rules were framed on broad lines, which gave a fluid constitution. The sewage proposals had, of course, owing to circumstances, to be postponed. They appreciated that in the near or distant future they would have to consider some definite scheme. ** This article has been reduced drastically in size owing to the excessive length of the original**

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