Film Listings – Chichester Observer – Wednesday, 30 January 1924

SELSEY. At the Pavilion on Saturday last a large audience witnessed that dramatic drama, "THE MARRIAGE CHANCE." It is packed full of thrills, mystery, and romance, and those who missed the opportunity of seeing this great drama missed a real treat in picture plays. The Management have booked “SOULS AND FACES" for screening on Saturday, new photo play full of thrills and action, and what is more, real wonderful acting. Several comedies will be in support, the chief being "GIVE HIM AIR," featuring, Bobby Dunn. The air will be full of real (reel) laughs when you have the pleasure of seeing this latest mirth quake in laughs and spills. Another of the bright and entertaining little interest pictures completes the bill. The Management desire to draw attention to the fact that although all the best and latest star pictures are booked there is never any extra charge for admission.

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