Film Listings – Bognor Regis Observer – Friday, 12 November 1954

PAVILION, SELSEY. WHAT happens when a well-intentioned but misguided oil heiress decides to reward a whole town for services rendered, is hilariously and wittily told in "BEAUTIFUL BUT DANGEROUS." Co-stars are Robert Mitchum and Jean Simmons, with fast-rising, character actor Arthur Hunnicutt also sharing honours. The townfolk receive mysterious gifts of a thousand dollars each. The effect of so much free money given to everyone is to plunge into chaos and confusion the town's economy. "THE NARROW MARGIN" tells the story of a trip aboard a train, as hired killers attempt to silence a gangster's widow, who is the vital witness in a police investigation which threatens the existence of a crime syndicate. Charles McGraw and Marie Windsor are starred. "THE MAN BETWEEN" tells how a young English girl, Susanne Mallison (Claire Bloom) flies to Berlin to spend a short holiday with her brother, an Army doctor, and his wife, Bettina (Hildegarde Neff). Instead of spending a quiet holiday, Susanne finds herself involved in intrigue and exciting adventure for she falls in love with a German racketeer, Ivo Kern (James Mason). He works for East Berlin gangsters. "OPERATION MALAYA " is the story fight against the terrorists.

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