Film Listings – Bognor Regis Observer – Friday, 14 June 1957

PAVILION. SELSEY. PROVIDING ideal family entertainment, "COME NEXT SPRING" stars Ann Sheridan and Steve Cochran and co-stars Walter Brennan, with strong support from two new youngsters Sherry Jackson and Richard Eyer. The story written by Montgomery Pittman, concerns the regeneration of a man who was once a drunkard and deserted his family for eight years of fruitless wandering. His reformation and return to his native soil and family, contribute to the poignant romance and tense drama of the action. Bing Crosby, Donald O'Connor. Jeanmaire. Mitzi Gaynor, and Phil Harris head the cast in "ANYTHING GOES," an exciting show business film. The story of a gallant British patrol's fight against overwhelming Communist odds in the Korean War. "A HILL IN KOREA" stars George Baker, Stanley Baker, Harry Andrews, and Michael Medwin. Kenneth More is seen as the father left on his own to look after three children in "RAISING A RIOT."

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