Gymkhana Presentation – Chichester Observer – Wednesday, 25 August 1937

SELSEY GYMKHANA 34 CUPS. There were many thrills for the many onlookers and competition at Selsey's Annual Gymkhana held in the field opposite the Fisherman's Joy on Friday. Master Peter Wannop won the Challenge Champion Cup for the best child rider, presented by Mr. C. Watt. He also obtained the cup presented by Mr. A. R. Kelly, and the special cup for a child never having previously won a riding class. There were 31 other cups, presented by the organisers. There was a very close display of jumping in the open class, the winner being Mrs. McColin, while Mr. Bob Field and the representative of the Crown Riding Stables had to jump a second time for the second award. The officials were: Mr. R. Streather and Major W. R. Green (Judges). Dr. A. A. Humphrys (Hon. Medical Officer), and Mr. P. Williams (Hon. Veterinary. Surgeon).. All the cups and trophies were distributed afterwards by Lady Brunner and the day wound up with the annual Gymkhana Ball in the Selsey Pavilion. The Cups were won as follows: Bending Race (14 years and under): 1. Margot Hepburn; 2, Diane Donne.— Open: 1, Mrs. Saunders; 2, L. Felicity Reed. —Children's Riding (12 years and under): I, Master Peter Wannop; 2, Anne Pope; 3, Mona Pope; (7 years and under) 1, Jill Linzee; 2, Jill Gluckstein; 3, P. Lee. —Animal Drawing: 1, Bryan Hulme and partner: 2, Nancy Nash and partner. —Musical Flags (Ladies' open) 1 Joan Dallen; 2, Nancy Nash; (14 years and under) 1, Joan Siller; 2. Betty Holland.— Musical Chairs (Men): 1, Alan White; 2, O.L. Resting.— Handy Hunter, 1, Alan White; 2. Mrs. Saunders. Pig Sticking: 1, T. Lee; 2. Mrs. F. M. Nicholson.— Obstacle Race: 1. Miss Scott-Kilvert; 2. Nancy Nash.— Jumping (horses hired by Selsey Riding Schools): 1. Crown Riding Stables: 2, A. Watson.— Open Jumping: 1. Mrs. McColin; 2, Crown Riding Stables: 3. B. Field.

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