Gas Mask Issue – Chichester Observer – Saturday, 01 October 1938

SELSEY Gas Mask Station Crowded. Residents this week have been crowding to the two gas mask fitting stations in the village, stirred to renewed energy by threats of war. Mr. W. C. Simpson’s hairdressing establishment and the small hall behind the Pavilion have been converted to fitting stations and each have been dealing with a constant stream of people throughout the week. The figures for Mr. Simpson’s station show that on Tuesday—the day of opening—450 people had masks fitted. On Wednesday, 549 more came. The other station, under the charge of the Chief Warden, Major W. H. Tyndall. Capt. G. F. Hardy and Lieut.-Col. A. B. Wills-Rust, dealt with over 1,000 people in the first three days it was open. In addition all the pupils of the East Road Senior School have been fitted and yesterday (Friday) at mid-day it was expected that all school children in the village would have their masks.

Last updated: Oct 30, 2023

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