School Exhibition – Bognor Regis Observer – Wednesday, 21 July 1937

SELSEY SCHOOL EXHIBITION A FINE DISPLAY. A very fine display of painting, drawing, handicrafts, needlework and garden produce was on show at the Selsey Council Mixed School exhibition which was held at the Pavilion on Monday evening. The vegetables on show were as good as many shown at the Selsey flower show last week. Many of the lino and wood cuts were original, and all paintings were well finished off. A play, “The Royal Arms,” was given by the juniors. This play was specially produced for the school Coronation festivities and was given before by the combined schools and was acted very well by young children. The play depicted the Kings and Queens of England who contributed their arms to the Royal Arms. The players were as follows: Mrs. Bull, Pearl Gurnett; John (her son), Arthur Smith ; Richard Coeur de Lion, Frank Money; Eleanor of Castile, Molly Keates; Isobel of France, Sheila Smith; Edward II, John Col ; Edward III, Leonard Hart; Richard II, George Smith; Eleanor of Provence, Joy Harris; Henry VII, Peter Dooge; Elizabeth of York, Mary Fowler; James I, John Rodwick; two Scots attendants, Robert Gray and Bernard Money; Charles II, Roy Edwards; Queen Anne, Hazel Spickernell; and George III, William Lee. Many songs were excellently rendered by the children, showing that singing is far from a neglected subject at the school. A physical training lesson was also given, being taught exactly as it is in school —not a display, but daily work of the very young children

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