Women's Institute Meeting – Hampshire Telegraph – Friday, 15 November 1929

SELSEY. WOMEN'S INSTITUTE—The members were responsible for the programme at the November monthly meeting of the Selsey Women's Institute, which took place at the Pavilion on November 6. Mr. Hall, a St. Dunstan's man, gave an interesting demonstration of the making of wool rugs and string bags. Miss Peacock gave a talk on China, and made that great country live for her audience by the vividness of her details, and also by introducing a "Chinese family," or rather four Selsey members dressed in the most beautiful Chinese dresses. After an excellent tea, for which Mrs. Smith and her helpers were responsible, a very enjoyable musical programme was provided by Miss Hunt, and was greatly appreciated. Among the performers were Mr. and Mrs. Barrow, Miss Phyllis Johnson, Miss Joyce Longford, and Miss Sluman. The items were varied, among those most appreciated being a Dutch song in costume.

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