Bognor Regis Observer – Friday, 14 August 1959

PAVILION, SELSEY FANS of the quiet cowboy, Audie Murphy, can now add to their list of classics, his latest Western, " RIDE A CROOKED TRAIL." He portrays a fast-shooting outlaw who is forced to masquerade as a U.S. marshal. Also starred are Walter Matthau, who gives a virile performance as a lusty, hard-drinking judge and lovely Gia Scala who provides the romantic interest in the film. Norman Wisdom finds himself in many hilarious situations in "THE SQUARE PEG " in which he appears as a municipal road-mender who is drafted into the Army. His artistry with the shovel gets him (at various times) into an A.T.S. camp, behind enemy lines, and into the German headquarters chateau in Occupied France. There he discovers that he bears a remarkable resemblance to the German Commandant. "OPERATION AMSTERDAM" which stars Tony Britton, Peter Finch, and Eva Bartok, is the true story of the biggest bank raid in history. It happened in May. 1940, on the day Hitler's blitzkreig struck across Holland: but it was executed with such secrecy that no word of it ever appeared in the official war files. An English major and two Dutchmen are sent on a mission to snatch a priceless stock of diamonds from the onrushing Nazis. With the aid of a Dutch girl, they have only 14 hours to perform the operation.

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