Red Cross Film Show – Bognor Regis Observer – Saturday, 24 February 1940

Red Cross Show. Selsey is not to be outdone in the organisation of charity events and the proposed show in aid of the British Red Cross Society, to be held at the Pavilion next Thursday, February 29th, is an example of the right spirit combined with up-to-date methods. The idea is to give a film show and devote the proceeds of the evening to the above cause. Mrs. Wills Rust has very kindly and generously consented to this arrangement. The feature film will be Flora Robson in "POISON PEN," a drama of some considerable merit, with an excellent supporting cast. I understand that Mrs. Adair, the assistant county director for the Red Cross, will be present, and will address a few words of encouragement to the members of the newly formed Selsey detachment. Permission has, I believe, been obtained from the County authorities to retain enough money from the receipts to purchase such medical requirements as are needed by the local detachment. The rest of the money will go to the central fund and the relief of the sick and wounded. Here again the idea is beyond reproach. You are all interested in films and will want to see the programme. I do not have to make any appeal to urge you to attend, and at the same time interest in the Red Cross will be aroused and stimulated. In early March Mrs. Buxton Knight will probably be showing some more interest films on first aid, but I will give details of that at a later date.

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