Women's Institute Meeting – Bognor Regis Observer – Wednesday, 20 February 1929

SELSEY. Women's Institute Meeting. Selsey Women's Institute held their monthly meeting at the Pavilion on February 13th. The newly elected President for the year (Mrs. L. Gardner) was in the chair, and in a few telling words she urged every member to take her part, however small, in the corporate life of the Institute. Mrs. Watt, the pioneer of the Women's Institute movement in this country, then spoke on "Heroes and Heroines of Canada," giving a vivid account of the romance and the hardships of the lives of those who made the history of the great Dominion. Mrs. Martin, in proposing a vote of thanks, expressed how greatly the Institute appreciated the honour of having Mrs. Watt to speak to them. After tea. Mrs. Johnson, one of Selsey's own members, gave an interesting and instructive demonstration on the making of loose covers and inspired a number of the members to join a class to study the subject more thoroughly. The members of the Study Circle then acted two pretty little scenes from Mrs. Gaskell's "Cranford." They all seemed very happy in their parts. none more so than little Sylvia and Derek Thomas who came into Miss Matty's shop to buy sweets. The adult members of the cast were as follows : Miss Matty, Mrs. Bailey; Mary Smith, Mrs. Godell; Martha, Miss Hunt; Jem Hearn, Miss J. Maidment; Mr. Peter Jenkyns, Mrs. Beatty. The meeting concluded with the singing of the National Anthem.

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