Film Preview – Bognor Regis Observer – Saturday, 13 January 1951

PAVILION, SELSEY. THE J. Arthur Rank presentation, "ADAM AND EVELYNE", Is featured at the Pavilion, Selsey, for the first part of next week. Stewart Granger, Jean Simmons, Harold French, Helen Cherry and Raymond Young play the prominent parts. The story tells of Evelyne Wallace (Jean Simmons) who receives letters while living in an orphanage from Adam Black (Stewart Granger), whom she believes to be her father. The story becomes more complicated when the girl learns of her real father’s life and falls in love with Adam Black. For the second part of the week a complete contrast in entertainment is provided by "THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY" in which Danny Kaye is co-starred with Virginia Mayo, Boris Karloff, Fay Bainter, and Ann Rutherford leading the supporting cast. The entire plot revolves around Danny Kaye who, as a proof reader in a firm of pulp magazines, is thwarted by his mother, bride-to-be, and his boss so that his only respite is in day-dreaming,

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