Film Preview – Bognor Regis Observer – Friday, 12 February 1954

PAVILION. SELSEY. "SINCE YOU WENT AWAY" is a David O'Selznick production starring Claudette Colbert, Jennifer Jones, Joseph Cotton, Shirley Temple, Lionel Barrymore, Monty Woolley, Robert Walker and Guy Maddison. The story concerns the Hilton family. Ann and her daughters Jane and Brig. It touches on the family's relationship with the boarder Colonel Smollett, and Jane's romance with the Colonel's nephew. Among those who shape the day-to-day events in the life of the Hiltons are the youthful clergyman and shrewish Emily Hawkins. Scenes in a hospital, a bowling alley, a railroad car, a restaurant and a school form the background for the romance, pathos and drama which fill the lives of the family. "THE CRUEL SEA " is the British screen version of the great novel by Nicholas Monsarrat. The film is a tribute to the Royal Navy's achievement In the last war of keeping the Atlantic sea lanes open. Recorded with authentic atmosphere is the constant, bitter struggle to subdue the U-boat killer packs. It is pin-pointed in the adventures of the gallant corvette Compass Rose and her more than gallant crew they combat two implacable foes the U-boats and the cruel sea itself. As Captain Meson, Jack Hawkins gives the performance of his career. This is a masterly study of a man ever alert to the continual menace and relentless in his search for the underwater raiders. This is not the only performance of outstanding calibre in the picture. In an excellent cast are also fine studies by Donald Sinden and Stanley Baker. The former gives an interpretation of Lockhart, the Lieutenant who becomes the skipper's right hand man and even forsakes the chance of his own command to stay with Ericson, he registers very effectively. Baker's performance as the bullying, but cowardly First Lieutenant is another gem. On the feminine side, "The Cruel Sea" also introduces a touching performance by Virginia McKenna as the Wren officer who falls in love with Lockhart.

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