Film Preview – Bognor Regis Observer – Saturday, 26 March 1949

PAVILION, SELSEY. Taking as its theme the problem of the modern teen-age girl, Sydney Box's "GOOD TIME GIRL" presents forcefully the absorbing story of how one good girl went wrong through adverse circumstances. Coming on Monday for three days, Jean Kent is starred as the girl from a drab home who is dazzled by the post-war bright lights and travels the down-grade until nothing less than a hardened criminal. As a pleasant reminder of the days when the incomparable Al Jolson reigned as one of the world's most popular entertainers, his life-story has been made into a Technicolored musical picture which can be seen on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Stars of "THE JOLSON STORY" are Larry Parks, Evelyn Keyes and William Demarest.

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