Charity Concert – Chichester Observer – Wednesday, 28 August 1918

SELSEY’S SPLENDID EFFORT. ROYAL WEST SUSSEX HOSPITAL. A concert arranged by Sir Archibald Hamilton, Bart., was held (as briefly mentioned in our last issue) on Friday evening, 16th inst., at the Cinema Hall, Selsey, in aid of the funds of the Royal West Sussex Hospital, which was attended a very large and representative audience. Amongst the patrons were the following: Monsieur Santa Maria (French Consul for Sussex), Her Grace the Duchess of Norfolk, His Grace the Duke of Richmond and Gordon, K.G., Lord and Lady Edmund Talbot, the Earl and Countess of March. Sir Edward Holden, Bart., Vice-Admiral Sir George Patey, K.C.V.O., and Lady Patey. Sir Archibald and Lady Garland, His Honour, Master, and Mrs. Day, Colonel Lloyd, the Officers of the Royal Sussex Regiment, Colonel Warren, R.A., D. 5.0., and Mrs. Warren, Captain and Mrs, Wingfield. Mr. Edward Heron-Alien, F.R.S., and Mrs. Heron-Allen, Major and Mrs. Hunter-Muskett, Major and Mrs. Jewell. Captain and Mrs. Hare, Lieutenant and Mrs. Greville-Williams, Mr. E. G. Arnell, J.P., C.C., and Mrs. Arnell, Mr. J. Warnford-Davis, J.P., C.C.. Mrs. N. Apperley, Dr. and Mrs. Barford, Mrs. Bartholomew. Mr. .and Mrs. Bonnar, Mr. A. W. and Mrs. Bullivant, Mrs. R. Peregrine-Birch, Mr. and Mrs. Bransby Williams. Mrs. Pugh Cook, Mrs. Deeble, Mr. A. Edi , Mr. and Mrs. King-Farrow, Mrs. Gardner, Dr. and Mrs. Humphrey, Mr. A. and Mrs. Harris, Mr. G. and Mrs. Hartman, Mrs. J. Lewis, Mr. G. and Mrs. Medlicott, Mr. Andre Pache, Mr. A. S. and Mrs. Simpson, Mr. H. A. and Mrs. Smith. The programme was varied and proved to be a real musical treat, high-class in character and excellent and brilliant in execution, indeed, it is impossible to particularise or to speak especially of any one item more than another, except to say that the lead off bv the pipers of H.M. Scots Guards aroused an enthusiasm which was maintained during the whole of the performance. Those who contributed to the programme were The Originals. Pipers of the Scots Guards, Mrs. Apperley, Miss Nellie Corner, Miss Dorothy Forster, Miss Gladys Podmore, Mr. Podmore, Miss Billie St. Denis, Mrs. Simpson, and Miss Margot Tomlins. Following the interval Sir Archibald Hamilton. Bart., mounted the platform and after speaking of the good work done at the hospital, thanked all those ladies and gentlemen who had come forward and voluntarily given their services in the sacred cause of Charity, and to Mrs. Baron and Mrs. Gardner and many other helpers who had so successfully carried out the arrangements. The Secretary of the hospital, Alderman H. S. Aylmore, responded on behalf of the Board of Management and thanked Sir Archibald and all those who assisted him, briefly quoting figures showing the number of patients that had been admitted to the hospital during the past year, and the cost of maintaining them. He at the some time pointed out that it was the "County Hospital,’’ and the benefits as well as the responsibility belonged just as much to Selsey as to Chichester or any other part of the county. He also stated that he had that afternoon received a cheque from Mr. Meakin, of the Marine Hotel, for £l7 16s., the result of billiard handicap, and that in a village very near to them another hotel proprietor had arranged a weekly vegetable competition entirely amongst working men. which had realised £10 14s 9d. He suggested that other hotel proprietors might well follow their example and go and do likewise. The financial result was as follows Tickets sold and taken at the doors, £74 16s. 4d.; donations were added to a total of, £l50. The whole of the expenses were defrayed by Sir Archibald Hamilton, Bart.

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