Film Preview – Chichester Observer – Saturday, 23 October 1948

PAVILION, SELSEY. “REPEAT PERFORMANCE," coming on Monday for three days, is the story of glamorous Broadway stage star Sheila Page (Joan Leslie), who murders her playwright husband, Barney Page (Louis Hayward), on New Year’s Eve. Inexplicably answering her wish to re-live the last year of her life, with an opportunity avoid last year’s fatal mistakes, time recedes to the previous New Year’s Eve. But though Sheila lives the year over again she discovers that Destiny retains her pattern, although events are not the same. Based on Norah Loft’s delightful novel of the same name, Sydney Boa’s production, "JASSY.” which marks the first Technicolor picture to come from Gainsborough Studios, is represented on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. As Jassy, a gipsy girl with the gift of second sight, Margaret Lockwood rises from a humble servant girl to become mistress of a fine old mansion—but not for selfish gains. She returns the estate to its rightful owner —the man she loves. Also starred are Patricia Roc, Dermot Walsh, Dennis Price and Basil Sydney.

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