Concert and Dance – Chichester Observer – Wednesday, 29 April 1925

SELSEY. Conservative Concert. Under the auspices of the Selsey Conservative and Unionist Association, a well attended concert and dance was held on Wednesday evening last, at the Pavilion, when Dr. A. A. Humphreys presided. Mr. W. Aver, of the National Unionist Association. London, gave an interesting and inspiring address, and instanced that the next election would be fought between the Conservatives and the Socialists, as the Liberal Party was a nonentity in the country. Songs were rendered by Mrs. Simpson. Mr. Lumley. and Mr. V. Smith, and selections were given Mr. V. Smith's Jazz Orchestra. After the concert refreshments were served. and the floor was then cleared for dancing, in which large number of people took part. Mr. H. D. Ablewhite. the Organising Secretary and Agent for the Division, made an appeal to the younger people to form branch of the Junior Imperial League. the conclusion, a vote thanks, on the proposition of Colonel Moore, the local Hon. Secretary, was accorded Mr. Aver for his address.

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