Valentine's Dance & British Legion Dinner – Bognor Regis Observer – Wednesday, 26 February 1930

British Legion Dinner. The question of disarmament was raised at the annual dinner of the Selsey branch of the British Legion, held at the Pavilion on Thursday evening last, when 175 members and guests were present. The chair was taken by Bishop Twitchell. Prior to the dinner, a reverent silence in memory of fallen comrades was observed. Alderman E. G. Arnell proposed "The British Legion," Mr. J. Bailey responding. Lieut.-Col. W. G. Moore proposed "The Services " and, speaking of disarmament declared that "so long as human nature remains what it is, we shall always need armed forces." He called for more Territorials, and' pointed out that, by becoming Territorials, men were not only doing their duty, but were incidentally having a good time, and making really good pals. The Littlehampton Beach Orchestra was in attendance. Valentine's Dance. A dance, organised by Mrs.Wakeley, of Medmery Farm, was held in the Pavilion last week, the proceeds going to the Selsey Nursing Association.

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