Entertainment Tax – Kinematograph Weekly – Thursday, 06 January 1955

ENTERTAINMENTS TAX DEPUTATION- I have read with great interest in the "KINE" of the various efforts which are being made on behalf of the small exhibitor in connection with entertainments tax relief. It is comforting to know that our plight is becoming universally known. I have recently written to Sir Winston Churchill, who passed my letter on to the Chancellor of the Exchequer and I enclose replies from both. This may have done some good, but I feel that if, through your columns, we could muster up a contingent of small exhibitors and organise a deputation, with the backing of the C.E.A. we could bring it home to the powers that be just how serious the position is. If any small exhibitors who are interested would like to drop me a line and state their views, I will put all my energies into getting something organised. I feel sure a united effort will bring results. Rodney Hesse, Pavilion Cinema. Selsey. The letter from the Treasury assures Mr. Hesse that his representations will be borne in mind during the review of taxation prior to the Budget. —Editor.

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