Film Preview – Bognor Regis Observer – Friday, 30 August 1957

Ronald Searle's immortal academy of vice and crime is brought to the screen in "Fun at St Fanny's" starring Fred Emney, Cardew Robinson and Vera Day. The story of a mysterious murder in a country cottage, “Miss Tulip Stays A Night” stars Diana Dors, Patrick Holt, Jack Hulbert and Cicely Courtnedge. Out of the wild heart of Africa, Walt Disney brings his greatest True-Life Adventure, “The African Lion.” The king of the beasts rates the title, but his domain dwells countless other creatures–of savage power and grace, bizarre and beautiful, ferocious and gentle. Ten-month-old Baker the Baby is the central figure in “The Baby And The Battleship,” a naval comedy which stars John Mills and Richard Attenborough. The action is set in Naples, where “Puncher” Roberts, a naval rating with a slow mind and speedy fists, is on leave from H.M.S. Gillingham. He is literally left holding a baby and smuggles it aboard a ship after vainly looking for its parents. Complications arise when his ship suddenly leaves port on Fleet exercises, complete with a visiting Marshal of a foreign State, a guest of the Admiralty, who makes lightning visits to all parts of the ship. The hilarious situations in the film stem from the sailors’ attempts to look after Baker–feeding, clothing and entertaining him, hiding him from their officers and the Marshal, and keeping him alive and well under the most trying conditions.

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