Film Listings – Bognor Regis Observer – Friday, 12 October 1956

PAVILION, SELSEY. A SAVAGE struggle between a mysterious Mr. Brown, leader of a ruthless crime syndicate, and the forces of law and order represented by Detective Lieutenant Diamond, are featured in "THE BIG COMBO." Starring Cornet Wilde, Richard Conte, Brian Donlevy, and Jean Wallace. For years the syndicate had dominated its part of the underworld by scaring or killing all those who stood in their way. Lieut. Diamond was never able to get close to the leaders until Susan Cabot, Mr. Brown's girl friend, decides to break from him. Her departure is the beginning of the end for the syndicate, and when Diamond finds the crime boss has a wife in an asylum who will testify against him in a murder case, the end is in sight. "THE BLACK TENT," starring Anthony Steel and Donald Sinden is an unusual war drama. Centred on the wastes of North Africa during World War II, the film tells the amazing of a man who faced hardship and privation with nomadic Arab tribe—rather than return to wealth and respect in London. "A TOWN LIKE ALICE," one of the outstanding novels to emerge from World War II campaigns in the Far East, tells of the horror and privation encountered by a group of European women who were captured by the Japanese.

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