Film Listings – Bognor Regis Observer – Friday, 13 April 1956

PAVILION , SELSEY SOME of the world's most famous circus acts can be seen in "RING OF FEAR" The film was made in Phoenix, Arizona, at the winter head-quarters of Clyde Beatty's Circus. Beatty. who stars in the film, with Mickey Spillane and Pat O'Brien. gathered some of the greatest names in the circus world under his big top. Anna Neagie plays four different characters and has three lovers in "LILACS IN THE SPRING," Herbert Wilcox's romantic film of song, dance and historic pageantry. Also starred are Errol Flynn and David Farrar. The film tells the crowded and colourful story of the entertainment world, and ranges in scope from the stage of a Drury Lane theatre to the world-wide ENSA shows for the armed forces. "THE LAST COMMAND" tells the story which has inspired Americans for over a century—the true story of the Texas Alamo and the men who died there rather than surrender to Mexican dictatorship. The large cast is headed by Sterling Hayden, Ernest Borgnine, Anna Maria Alberghetti and Richard Carlson. Jim Bowie, hero of countless adventures that have made him and the knife that bears his name legendary, returns to Texas in the early 1830's to find the garrison town of Antuac in a tense state of threatened rebellion. General Santa Anna, President of Mexico, to which Texas belongs politically, has had Stephen Austin, the revered "father" of Texas imprisoned in Mexico City for four months, for protesting against the for protesting against the military tyrrany over Texas and urging governmental reforms. A rebellion flares up, and William Travis, a lawyer, leads a band of Texans against the Mexican troops in San Antonio. Jim Bowie with 25 followers joins forces with Travis and then follows the final dramatic seige of the Alamo when a troop of Mexican cavalry attack the small band of Texans.

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