Film Listings – Bognor Regis Observer – Friday, 18 January 1957

PAVILION, SELSEY. "THE BIRDS AND THE BEES" is a bright and breezy British comedy concerning the adventures of a shy, awkward, unsophisticated young man who, returning from a three-year safari in Africa, with his tough bodyguard and valet and a pet snake, becomes embroiled with a cardsharper and his pretty daughter on board ship. The snake, which causes the pretty daughter to faint in the young man's cabin, gets him even further involved, and there are many hilarious situations before everything is finally straightened out. The brilliant TV comedian, George Gobel, has the role of the unsophisticated young man, with David Niven playing the part of the cardsharper and Mitzi Gaynor as his daughter. Reginald Gardener and Fred Clark are also featured in this delicious comedy filmed in Technicolor. Paul Douglas, John Derek, and Richard Shannon are starred in "THE LEATHER SAINT," a tender and human story concerning an Episcopalian priest who turns prize-fighter. He does this to raise money for a swimming pool and to buy a much-needed iron lung for a group of young victims of his parish. "SAY GOODBYE," with Rock Hudson, Cornel Borchers, and George Sanders, tells the poignant story of a young married couple who drift apart and when they meet again, many years later, are prevented from reconciliation by the enmity of their grown-up daughter. "PRIVATE'S PROGRESS." a comedy which has recently hit the headlines, is the film of the best-selling story of Alan Hackney. Richard Attenborough, Dennis Price, Terry Thomas and lan Carmichael are starred. Richard Attenborough stars as Cox. Though young in years, Cox is a character who knows every dodge there could possibly be. Dennis Price as Brigadier Bertram Tracepurcel, is the pillar of the chairborne troops. With steady promotion from captain to brigadier, everything runs fairly smoothly—until he commits the fatal blunder of allying himself with the wily Cox. Terry Thomas gives a grand performance in a straight comedy role as Major Hitchcock, whose unit consists of the Army's prize "dodgers." and lan Carmichael plays Windrush, the "private " of the title, the mild, innocent, well-meaning recruit.

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