Film Listings – Bognor Regis Observer – Friday, 21 September 1956

PAVILION, SELSEY. "IT CAME FROM BENEATH THE SEA." is a horrific fantasia featuring "IT," an octopus which terrorizes San Francisco, destroys the Golden Gate Bridge and numerous skyscrapers, and drags ships beneath the sea and spreads death and destruction along the Pacific sea-board of the U.S.A. " PIRATES OF TRIPOLI," is a swashbuckling adventure drama starring Paul Henreid and Patricia Medina. Hollywood's first picture to win the Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival is "MARTY." a heart-warming romantic-comedy. Originally presented on television, it won the coveted Donaldson award and the Sylvania award as the best drama on U.S. TV last year. Its sheer simplicity in presenting an intense love story was guided by the same director and author who created it for television. Filming was done largely in the congested North Bronx region in New York. Ernest Borgnine, who played the brutal sergeant role in "From Here to Eternity," appears now as a kindly and bashful family butcher who has never known love. It is his first screen role other than as a brawny bully. The feminine lead is played by Betsy Blair, wife of Gene Kelly. an experienced actress, who dared to accept a Hollywood part without glamour. "STRANGER ON HORSEBACK." with Joel McCrea in the leading role, is a western. It is the story of a judge who is despatched by the government to bring law and order to the little town of Bannerman and how he overcomes many dangers and rids the town of its oppressors. "BATTLE CRY." the multi-million dollar film version in Cinema- Scope and Warner Color of the best-selling novel by Leon Uris, is a war story, but there is little actual fighting in it. Based on the World War II activities of the Marines, the film is mainly concerned with the emotional lives, the humour and character development of the young soldiers undergoing the rigours of U.S. Marine training. The romantic problems of these youngsters and the women involved in their lives form the main theme of the story, and the battle scenes are shown only in the spectacular climax. This vigorous large-scale drama has an all-star cast including Van Heflin. Aldo Ray, Mona Freeman. Tab Hunter, Dorothy Malone, and Anne Francis.

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