Film Preview – Bognor Regis Observer – Friday, 14 February 1958

PAVILION, SELSEY. THE poignant story of a woman's fight to save her husband from death at the hands of the Chinese Communists, "SOLDIER OF FORTUNE" stars Susan Hayward. Clark Gable, and Michael Rennie. She travels to Hong Kong, and eventually enlists the help of a fellow American—a man engaged in a profitable smuggling business, but who falls in love with her. The film which has rocketed singing star Frankie Vaughan to screen fame. "THESE DANGEROUS YEARS " also marks Anna Neagle's debut as a producer. Vaughan is seen as the youngster who runs into trouble while doing his National Service. He deserts from his unit, and this sets off an exciting chain of events. The complications that arise when a staid English family hire a handsome Italian chauffeur are shown in "THE PASSIONATE STRANGER," which stars Margaret Leighton and Ralph Richardson.

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