Film Preview – Bognor Regis Observer – Friday, 16 August 1957

PAVILION, SELSEY. MARIO Lanza is featured as an unknown tenor, Damon Vincenti, making his debut at a San Francisco side-street night-club in the opening scenes of "SERENADE." Under the guidance of a career-sponsoring concert manager (Vincent Price) and Kendall Hale (Joan Fontaine), a society woman, he progresses well. So does his love for Kendall. When his first tour ends be is a star, but hopelessly enslaved by his love for Kendall, he finds no happiness in his success. His New York debut arrives, but Kendall deserts him and during the first night he runs from the stage to search for his fickle love, thus ruining his career. Sick with fever, he is nursed back to health in Mexico by Juana Montes (Sarita Montiel), the fiery daughter of a famous bullfighter, whom he marries. On his way back to success in the United States, Kendall appears on the scene again, with tragic consequences. The Technicolor musical, "CALAMITY JANE" is based on the life of Martha Canary, who travelled around Western saloons alternately arousing audiences with her marksmanship and soothing them with her singing. In the title role is Doris Day, and the film begins when she returns to Deadwood City and is welcomed by Wild Bill Hickock (Howard Keel). Calamity is respected as a fine shot and as a singer but not, unfortunately, as a woman. Centred on the eternal theme of mother-in-law trouble, "SAILOR BEWARE" stars Peggy Mount, Shirley Eaton and Ronald Lewis. Peggy Mount is seen as Emma Hornett, a domineering, purposeful type of woman who is constantly organising those around her. As the prospective mother-in-law to Sailor Albert Tufnell, her plans are reduced to naught, and she is brought face to face with herself as others see her.

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