Film Preview – Bognor Regis Observer – Saturday, 09 April 1949

PAVILION, SELSEY. Because Danny McGuire (Gene Kelly), owner of a nondescript nightclub in Brooklyn, feels that by staying with him his girl-friend, Rusty (Rita Hayworth)— an overnight legend as winner of a national cover girl contest—is spoiling a great career, he takes away her job as a dancer in his floorshow. Consequently, whereas Rusty becomes an immediate success on Broadway, Danny despairs and eventually closes his club. "COVER GIRL," showing on Monday for three days, follows their adventures before they return to each other. For the remainder of the week (excepting Good Friday), Jeanne Crain, as a starry-eyed flapper of the 1920's, and Dan Dailey, as a brash and sophisticated "big name" band leader, are co-starred in "YOU WERE MEANT FOR ME." It is the story of their high-flying romance, and of the challenge that faces them when they are brought to earth with a crash—when in 1929 the whole financial market came down with a crash. There will be a full supporting programme.

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