Whist Drive – Bognor Regis Observer – Wednesday, 24 November 1920

SELSEY. Comrades' Whist Drive. A very enjoyable evening was spent at the Pavilion, Selsey, on Thursday, when a whist drive and dance took place on behalf of the Comrades of the Great War Club. It was the first of its kind this season., and those present hoped the comrades will arrange more. Play started at 8.15 p.m. with thirty tables, and finished at 11 p.m., when. dancing took place until 12.30 a.m. The arrangements were ably carried out by the sports committee, and Mr. A. Mitchell, Messrs. Cripps and Cleere, Dr. A. A. Humphry, Rev. K. MacDermott, and the Hon. Secretary, Major Leith, J.P. The prizes were distributed by Mrs. A. A. Humphry and the winners were :—Ladies 1, Miss Allen, 179; 2, Miss Townsend, 176; 3, Miss Deighton, 173; 4, Miss Lambert; 5, Mrs. Bateman; highest first half, Mrs. Reed; highest second half, Miss Sims; hidden number, Mrs. Terry; booby, Mrs. Langford.—Gentlemen : 1, Mr. Homer, 184; 2, Mr. A. Pope, 180; 3, Mr. A. Cleere, 179 4. Mr. Bonnar; highest first half, Mr. Fiddler; highest second' half, Mr. Hollingdale; hidden number, Mr. E. Selsby; booby. Mr. W. Humphry, junr. .Refreshments were. supplied by Mr. Marshall, of the Mikado Cafe. The following ladies and gentlemen kindly gave prizes: Mrs. Langford, Mrs. Gardner, Mrs. Greville Williams, Mrs. Ford Lewes, Mr. J. Davis, Mr. Harrison, Rev MacDermott, Mr. L. Maidment, Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Marshall, Mr. Greville Williams, Dr. A. A. Humphry, Mr. H. A. Smith, and Mr. F. Meades.

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