Film Listings – Bognor Regis Observer – Friday, 29 April 1955

PAVILION, SELSEY. "THE NAKED JUNGLE" is an unusual romantic drama starring Charlton Heston and Eleanor Parker, photographed in Technicolor against the background of the South American jungle. Miss Parker portrays the intelligent and well-bred Joanna Leiningen who goes to South America to join her husband. Christopher (Charlton Heston) who owns a plantation. When the countryside is threatened by millions of ants on the march, everyone flees except Christopher and his wife who stay on in an attempt to save their plantation. Gilbert Harding introduces three stories, two murder mysteries and a comedy in "A TALE OF THREE WOMEN," starring Derek Bond, Hazel Court and Jack Watling. "THE GOOD DIE YOUNG" has one of the best casts seen in a British production for a long time. Among the stars are Laurence Harvey, Gloria Grahame, Richard Basehart, Joan Collins, John Ireland, Rene Ray, Stanley Baker, Margaret Leighton and Robert Morley. The film begins when four men, with no previous convictions, are on their way to hold up a past office mail van. Three of them had been persuaded to take part in the venture by the vain, spoiled and handsome Miles Ravenscourt who promised that there would be no violence. During the robbery, however, Ravenscourt. cold-bloodedly shoots a policeman whose colleagues immediately begin a full-scale search... Treachery and romance, in the early-day Indian territory, combine in "THE BATTLES OF CHIEF PONTIAC" Lex Barker, as a ranger, Helen Westcott as an Indian hostage, and Lon Chaney in the title role, are starred in this offering which deals with the efforts of Barker to avert a full-scale war between the British and the Indians under Chief Pontiac. The cinema will be closed on Sunday for the installation of a wide screen.

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