Film Preview - Bognor Regis Observer – Friday, 13 August 1954

PAVILION, SELSEY. The theme of humour in the Martin and Lewis comedies is changing. Up to now in their films, Jerry Lewis has been the butt of ridicule, but in "THE CADDY" all that has changed. Both Dean and Jerry feel that sympathy for Jerry, rather than ridicule, will pay off in the long run. Thus.. Jerry plays a rather gullible little character whose devotion to Dean is unbounded, but who is apt to be shoved around by him in return. Martin's prowess at golf makes him the country club idol. He takes up with the rich and famous and is prone to forget about his little friend, Jerry, who taught him all he knows about golf. This proves the basis for a misunderstanding that later breaks out into an open quarrel. The central drama of Charles Chaplin's "LIMELIGHT" concerns an ageing music hall star (Chaplin) who has lost his comedy touch. He saves a young ballet dancer from suicide, nurses her back to health and restores her confidence, so that she eventually becomes a great star. The poignant conflict - the romance and tragedy - arises from his knowledge that they are at opposite ends of the balance, that as her fortunes rise his own continue to sink, and that, eventually, despite the mutual love they the most a share, he will become a stumbling block in her path. Chaplin is star, producer. director. author, composer, choreographer. His supporting cast is headed by Claire Bloom.

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