Film Preview – Bognor Regis Observer – Saturday, 07 February 1948

PAVILION, SELSEY. With Paris as its highly photogenic setting "MEET ME AT DAWN" , which is presented on Monday, is a gay comedy of romance and adventure which presents America's William Eythe happily teamed with Britain's Hazel Court. The light-hearted story is of a young professional duellist and his manger (a fine role for Stanley Holloway) who become involved in political intrigue conducted through a virulent newspaper campaign. He is every bit the insouciant duellist fighting at dawn so that he may drink Champagne at midnight. When true love comes along however, his frivolity is in discard and he becomes the chivalrous defender of Hazel Court's good name. There is a magnificent British supporting cast, headed by Basil Sydney, Margaret Rutherford, Stanley Holloway, Irene Browne, George Thorpe and Ada Reeve. On Thursday "MY FAVOURITE BRUNETTE" is presented starring Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour.

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