Film Preview – Bognor Regis Observer – Saturday, 07 July 1951

PAVILION. SELSEY. "APPOINTMENT WITH DANGER," Alan Ladd's 21st film since he rocketed to fame in "This Gun for Hire,” is the attraction at the Pavilion, Selsey, for the first part of next week. He is co-starred with Phyllis Calvert in the roughest and toughest film he has made. The story tells how Ladd is sent solve the murder of a fellow inspector. Miss Calvert, as a Nun, is the only witness. Together they solve the crime and at the same time provide numerous thrills with their adventures. Richard Greene and Valentina Cortesa star in the film for the remainder of the week when “SHADOW OF THE EAGLE” will be showing. This romantic drama the early 18th Century has an excellent supporting cast, including Greta Gynt and Binnie Barnes.

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