Film Listings – Bognor Regis Observer – Friday, 22 March 1957

PAVILION, SELSEY. A HAZARDOUS expedition into the heart of unexplored New Guinea is the basis of "WALK INTO PARADISE." starring Chips Rafferty with Francoise Christophe and Pierre Crossoy. The efforts of a confidence trickster to appropriate money by organizing fetes and bazaars for false charities are disclosed in "THE BIG TIP OFF," an exciting crime drama set in Los Angeles. Bound up in the story is the feud between an ace crime reporter and his one-time buddy, the local police chief. who has him thrown into prison for contempt of court. A poignant love story adds interest. Van Johnson's starring role in the Technicolor and Cinema Scope production. "KELLY AND ME," may well lead to him becoming the owner of Hollywood's newest discovery—Kelly, a six-year -old German shepherd dog. The film tells the story of a vaudeville performer who becomes an immediate success when he teams up with a dog. It co-stars Van with Piper Laurie and Martha Hyer. The film is a delightful mixture of humour and romance, spiced with the almost uncanny ability and intelligence of Kelly. Starring Jeffrey Hunter, Fred Macmurray. and Dean Stockwell, "GUN FOR A COWARD" is the exciting and unusual story of a youngster's battle to prove that he is a man—fit to take his place beside the hardened gum-chewing, slick-shooting citizens of the West. Jeffrey Hunter is seen in the role of Bless. a youngster opposed to violence, who must prove himself capable of it if he is to succeed in a violent land. "THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH" is Alfred Hitchcock's latest entry in the suspense school, of which he is the recognized master. To aid him he has two of the most popular stars on both sides of the Atlantic in James Stewart and Doris Day. A young doctor, Ben McKenna (James Stewart). and his lovely wife Jo (Doris Day), while on vacation in Marrakesh. French Morocco, witness the death of a French secret service agent who, while dying, tells Ben of a further assassination that has been planned. The couple find that the next death is planned to take place in London. but the plotters, who learn of the leakage, try to prevent the young couple disclosing their knowledge by kidnapping their small son. From then on a trail, which leads halfway across the world, ends in London, where an attempted rescue and assassination are bound up together in a thrilling climax.

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