Film Preview – Bognor Regis Observer – Saturday, 06 September 1952

PAVILION, SELSEY. ONE of Ealing best comedies, "THE MAN IN THE WHITE SUIT," comes to the Pavilion, Selsey for the first part of next week stirring Alec Guinness. Joan Greenwood and Cecil Parker. With a background of the Lancashire cotton mills, the story tells how Sidney Stratton steals into one of the mills and secretly invents a new textile that will never tear, wear out and never wants washing. The effect this new fabric has on the cotton mill owners makes for plenty of laughs. Alec Guinness, the outstanding of all post-war acting discoveries, is again superb as the inventor, and Joan Greenwood is her usual brilliant self as the daughter of a mill owner. played by Cecil Parker. The film for the remainder of the week is another comedy, this time in Technicolor, "HALF ANGEL" starring Loretta Young and Joseph Cotten. The story centres around the adventures of Nora Gilpin (Loretta Young), an employee of a large hospital, who has a complex about John Raymond (Joseph Cotten), a lawyer philanthropist, who takes a special interest in the hospital. It becomes obvious that Nora has a split personality. The conscious Nora is a severe somewhat prim person, who hates the successful John. The sub-conscious Nora is one who dresses herself exotically, and who is madly in love with John. It all adds up to plenty of laughs in a good holiday comedy.

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