Film Preview – Chichester Observer – Saturday, 10 April 1948

PAVILION, SELSEY. Jim Madigan (Alan Ladd) serving as the leader of a wheat harvesting combine crew, is constantly clashing with pleasure-seeking Jim Davis (Robert Preston), his long-time friend and fellow-worker. They meet ruthless and ambitious Fay Rankin (Dorothy Lamour), who falls in love with Madigan. He has no time for her, however, and to "get even" with Madigan she marries Davis. This situation leads to a whirlwind climax in "WILD HARVEST" to be screened on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Adapted from the famous Terence Rattigan play "WHILE THE SUN SHINES", a witty, likeable story of London, provides the entertainment for the remainder of the week. It tells of young people who chance to meet in London in rather unusual circumstances, and with surprising results to themselves. The film has for central character a young English earl (played by Ronald Howard) who is serving in the Royal Navy as an Able Seaman, and his adventures on the eve of his marriage to W.A.A.F. Corporal the Lady Elizabeth is British comedy at its best.

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